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New LinkedIn Features Give Job Seekers an Edge

Chiang Mai, Thailand - September 4, 2016: Apple iPhone 6s plus Showing Linkedin application on the screen. Linkedin is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.

LinkedIn should already be a big part of your job search. In the social media company’s efforts to better serve its massive network of professionals, it recently released some useful new features.

If you’re like many people, these new features often emerge under the radar. To make sure you haven’t missed anything — and have all the tools you need to crush your job search — let’s review some of the most recent additions.

Search Appearances

You are looking at companies constantly, but you likely have wondered who is looking at your profile. The new Search Appearances feature on your profile page reports how many times you’ve been discovered, and then you can see which companies are interested in you. After you know which organizations are looking, you can easily buzz over to their page and review the current job postings.


Ever wonder how your salary stacks up against others in the market? LinkedIn’s Salary feature allows you to compare your salary with people in similar roles with similar experience levels. Other factors that may influence salary include location and education. Not only does this allow you to easily assess if you’re being paid fairly now, but it can guide you in what you might need to do to get a raise in the future (e.g., an advanced degree can net you another $20,000).

Open Candidates

Open Candidates is another recent LinkedIn feature addition. This feature allows members to discreetly alert recruiters that they’re looking for a job, or at least say they are interested in hearing more. This information is only shared with recruiters, so your current employer will never know. Essentially it’s saying you’re job hunting without telling your boss. All you have to do is toggle the switch that’s in your preferences tab.


Finally, LinkedIn is trying to become more user-friendly by tackling a desktop redesign. One of the improvements of the redesign is an updated messaging feature. When in LinkedIn, you’ll notice the messaging feature in the lower right-hand corner. It’s easy to expand the tab and type to any of your connections. For example, if you’re looking at a job posting, the platform lists your current connections to that company. In a few clicks, you can send a message to those contacts asking for more information.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool in a job hunter’s arsenal. When you know and use the tools available to you, you can really tap into the power of your professional network and hopefully expand your career potential.

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