Most Important Developments in HR for the Week of October 20th

Employer-Sponsored Charities May Allow Businesses to Help Employees Affected by Recent Disasters

If your employees have been impacted by the recent hurricanes or wildfires, your employer-sponsored public charity or private foundation can help. Such organizations allow relief to be directed to a relatively small group of people, such as workers at a given company. National Law Review

A Third of Americans in National Survey Say Focus on Diversity has Overlooked White Men

Though employment data shows men continue to dominate in virtually every field, a study reveals 35 percent of Americans believe diversity initiatives in the workplace have bypassed white men. Further, 32 percent of U.S. males report feeling “personally excluded” at work. Washington Post

Upskilling Necessary, but Overlooked, By Today’s Workerforce

A new study shows 80 percent of U.S. employees think they have a responsibility to upgrade their workplace skills, but more than a third have not addressed that need over the past year. Analysts advise beefing up technical, communication and collaboration skills, perhaps through free or low-cost learning opportunities. Benefits Pro

Poll Results: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Eighty-seven percent of Americans consider sexual harassment of women in the workplace problematic, and more than twice the percentage from 30 years ago (42 percent) consider it a major problem, says a recent poll. Sixty-five percent believe employers are responsible for preventing or solving such issues. PBS

It’s Science, Baby! Proving the Power of Positive Reinforcement at Work

Evidence shows positive reinforcement motivates employees better than punishment, is more effective at fostering change and is less damaging to the employer-employee relationship. Analysts recommend employers provide consistent recognition and rewards; give employees the big picture; establish employee guidelines for success; use responsibility and independence as rewards; communicate frequently; share successes publicly; optimize feedback and stop tolerating unwanted behaviors. Entrepreneur

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