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The MID, as we call it, is curated by our editorial team from more than 50 news sources. Like a lot of good ideas, this started as something I wanted for myself. If I can’t read everything, I at least want to stay abreast of the most important developments. This week in HR, SHRM’s Johnny Taylor was insightful on the Today show, Salesforce offered to move its employees out of Texas, Amazon announced it is hiring at $18 per hour with awesome benefits, we heard that an HR tech boom is around the bend, and Gartner talks performance management.

This video clip from Thursday morning’s Today show is part of their series on “The Future of Work.” With the delta variant continuing to surge, many companies are delaying returns to the office. NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen joins Today with tips on how to negotiate for what you need in terms of quality of life and compensation while you work remotely. The featured expert for the piece was SHRM’s own Johnny C. Taylor Jr. He told America that everything changed after 2020 and 9-to-5 in the office five days a week is done. Today Show

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Salesforce told thousands of employees in a Slack message on Friday that if they and their families are concerned about the ability to access reproductive care in the wake of Texas’ restrictive new abortion law, the company will help them relocate. Texas’ Senate Bill 8 became law in May and went into effect earlier this month. The law says doctors cannot perform or induce abortions if they have “detected a fetal heartbeat for the unborn child,” except in medical emergencies. Additionally, ordinary citizens can file lawsuits against those who aid or abet abortions after the detection of a heartbeat. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to block the law, and on Thursday the Justice Department sued Texas over the law. NBC News

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Amazon plans to hire 125,000 permanent warehouse and logistics workers in the United States ahead of the holiday shopping stretch, pledging higher wages, new benefits, and sign-on bonuses for some of the jobs to draw staff in a tight labor market. Amazon said Tuesday that these jobs offer an average starting wage of more than $18 an hour — higher than its $15 minimum wage — and some of the roles include up to $3,000 sign-on bonuses. Amazon last week said it would begin offering to pay four-year college tuition for most of its workers, joining Walmart and Target in offering similar benefits. CNN

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Technology is changing rapidly and HR solutions are keeping pace, writes Stacey Harris, chief research officer and managing partner for Sapient Insights. Harris, who will debut key findings from the 24th annual Sapient Insights HR Systems Survey during a mega-session at this month’s HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, says that HR is witnessing a boom of technologists who are eager to deliver reliable and groundbreaking solutions to the world of HR. And today, they are using advances that were once found exclusively in medical, computing, and financial fields. While expressing her enthusiasm for these innovations, Harris — who will also present at HR Tech about strategies to build adaptable HR systems — argues in her new book, “Introduction To HR Technologies,” that HR leaders need to pay attention to the wave of innovation headed their way and prepare for the impact it will have on how they do business. HR Executive

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This year has brought new challenges as HR leaders prepare for a future of hybrid work and manage an evolving set of employee expectations. In this issue of HR Leaders Monthly, we discuss how HR leaders can effectively assess employee behaviors as well as outcomes in performance management and apply motivational psychology to maximize the impact of rewards and recognition on performance. Employees’ expectations and their ways of working are changing, but performance management has not yet shifted to align with this new reality. HR leaders should use these predictions to plan changes to performance management at their organizations. Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly

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