Just got laid off? Do these 5 things before you leave

August 15th, 2022

Mass layoffs are back in the news.

January was particularly brutal for journalists. Buzzfeed announced it was reducing its workforce by 15%Verizon cut about 7% of media division staff. And Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, slashed dozens of jobs across the country.
Hearing the news that you’ve just been laid off can be a devastating blow. If you end up on the wrong side of a pink slip, give yourself a minute to collect your thoughts. But before you take your severance check and walk out the door, make sure you’re getting everything you deserve and protecting your interests.

1.Ask about all your pay

2. Hold off on signing for your severance
3. Make sure you’re eligible for unemployment

If you were laid off without cause, you will likely qualify for unemployment insurance.

Sometimes, a company might ask an employee to resign during layoffs. Don’t do that unless the severance package is worth it to you, advised Ballman.

While state laws vary, resigning can make you ineligible to collect unemployment benefits in some states.

And don’t hesitate to file for unemployment insurance.

“The process takes some time, so you do not want to delay that process,” said Nancy Karas, a business consultant and a coach at outplacement services firm GetFive.

“People feel bad about taking unemployment, but you shouldn’t — you have earned it. It is temporary, and it is a base to help you move forward.”

Keep in mind though, some states don’t allow you to get unemployment insurance while you’re receiving severance pay.

4. Make sure your health insurance is covered

5. Take your savings with you


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