Thinking of reentering the job market after spending years at your current position? If it’s been 5 years, 10, or even longer, it’s fair to assume you’ve made a positive impact at your job. After all that time, though, it can be difficult to remember and single out your various accomplishments.

It’s time to flex that memory muscle so you can get ahead!

A long tenure at a company doesn’t indicate that you’re merely loyal; it means future employers will assume you made a difference. This is a huge competitive advantage you have over other job hunters and it’s absolutely imperative to demonstrate your accomplishments in your resume and during interviews.

To start, take a trip down memory lane. Get out a piece of paper and write down all of the times when your work made a big impact. Recall moments you felt really proud. Include details such as the time, the process and what value it brought to the company. The more ideas you have, the better.

Next, jog your memory further by having chats with colleagues and supervisors. You don’t want to make it obvious that you’re looking for another position, so consider carefully what you say. Frame the conversation as though you are feeling nostalgic or trying to use past knowledge to solve a current problem and people will generally open up. It’s likely they’ll remember things you have long forgotten.

After you have a long list, it’s time to whittle it down to your top accomplishments. Select three to five for your resume and save additional examples to discuss during the interview. Pluck the ones you feel are most impressive for the job you’re applying to and switch them up as appropriate for each application.

Keep in mind there are two main components of a great accomplishment: what you did and the result. It’s best if the result can be quantified, but if it cannot, use powerful descriptive phrases to help you demonstrate the value you brought to the company.

Example A: Created a new auditing system that saved 100 hours a week.
Example B: Created a new auditing system that eliminated redundancies and promoted better relationships between vendors.

Example C: Managed team of 20 consultants with a 95 percent client-approval rating.
Example D: Managed team of 20 consultants who provided top-quality service that resulted in high-level contract renewals.

The statements you create should be concise and instantly impressive. You can go into greater detail about your experience when inquired during an interview, so try to be straight forward on your resume. You’ll have plenty of time to explain the details and demonstrate how you can really shine on the phone or in person.

Still feel stuck? The career experts at GetFive can help you determine your top accomplishments and frame them in a way that future employers can’t ignore.

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