HR in 2018: These 5 Factors Will Change the Way You Work

May 14th, 2018

There is a lot to look forward to for human resources in 2018. In an agile industry that seems to change faster with each passing year, 2018 brings many new opportunities to refine your skills and strengthen your results.

Here are five factors that we are most excited about:

1. Ongoing Performance Management

Annual performance evaluations aren’t going away, but the trend of ongoing evaluation is growing at organizations big and small. Fundamentally, continuous performance management can improve employee development and performance, therefore HR departments are quickly realizing its value in transforming a company. Team-based technologies are being developed that help HR leaders and management to help employees establish processes for setting goals, receiving education and coaching, and getting evaluated continuously throughout the year.

2. Ongoing Employee Engagement

Just as employees should expect to set goals and receive feedback continuously in 2018, so too should HR departments. Do away with the annual employee satisfaction survey and dig in deeper to learn where your company thrives and where it fails. Technology offers vast opportunities for real-time surveys, people analytics, organizational network analysis (ONA) tools, and more. The key is to use this continuous flow of data to your advantage, plus set goals based on this information so you can strengthen your culture and grow the company.

3. Recruitment Technology

How much did you spend on recruiting last year? Yikes! Considering it’s a job seeker’s market where talent pools are thin and competition is high, savvy recruiting is a must to get the right people in the right seats in 2018. If you’re still relying on old-fashioned job postings as your mainstay, you’re losing out. New recruiting technologies (including evolving applicant tracking systems) take the process of finding the right talent to the next level. You now can discover talent that not only has the right skills, but also the right cultural fit for your workplace (plus many are removing bias from throughout the hiring process).

4. More Than a Paycheck

The war on talent is likely to continue into 2018, which means HR must look outside the box to lure top talent. This means understanding employees want more than a paycheck. Expect additional negotiation when it comes to benefits and bonuses. Some companies are offering unique flex schedules, unlimited time off, and wellness perks to help employees find the work-life balance that has been lacking in past years. In fact, the HR wellness marketplace is exploding, and it’s worthwhile to look into opportunities for your company to improve engagement, health, and mental well-being of new and current employees.

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5. Prioritize Productivity

There are numerous cloud-based HRMS and payroll vendors that are effective in automating tedious HR processes such as resume management, payroll, record keeping, and so much more. Automation isn’t a trend; it’s now an expectation. Now, you should take that gained time and shift the focus to team productivity. Discovering ways to facilitate employees to be their best while improving their output and innovation are no easy tasks, but those who focus on these goals in the new year will be well rewarded.

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