6 Ways to Debunk the “No One’s Hiring” Myth

No one claims looking for a job is easy. It requires a lot of work, and most of the time it might seem like you’re stuck in a dead end, going nowhere.

It’s easy to despair in these situations and think the entire process is random. But it isn’t. GetFive method, in fact, brings structure to a process that needs it.

If you’re looking to take that next step, or trying to jump start your job search, read on for six suggestions taken from GetFive’s proven 5-Step Method:

  1. Don’t jump in without a plan. Most job hunters feel like they should have found a new job yesterday. But instead of anxiously sending out 30 applications without a thought, take the time to assess your current situation, outline your goals, make a list of targets, and go after them in systematic way.
  2. It’s not about what you can do. It’s about what you want to do. Many people think only about their skills and not their personality when searching for a job. Remember, a job is more than just a paycheck, so make sure it complements who you are and what you care about.
  3. There’s no DIY job search. It’s unlikely that you’ll land a job by simply staying at home and filling out online applications. Job hunters need feedback. They need to work with people who can give them advice on how to improve their résumés and cover letters, and set them straight when they’re off track. That’s why people who use TFC coaches and attend our strategic workshops get jobs more quickly and earn higher rates of pay.
  4. Network with the big dogs. Too often, people network with only people they know. Say they’ve been networking for a year and have met a hundred people, but what if those were the wrong hundred people? Networking that counts happens when you are contacting people who are one or two levels higher than you are. You’re not going to get a job until you talk to the right people, those who are more senior than you and ready to think of you when there is an opening at their company.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be a pest. Follow up, follow up, and follow up again. Remember the old saying: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  6. If you get an offer, don’t assume you’re home free. Aim to have three concurrent offers in the works at any one time. Such a goal will help you to keep your momentum going and also give you a psychological edge during salary negotiations.
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