How Job Hunters Can Show They’re a Fit

Say you’ve done everything right, followed GetFive’s job search method, and landed an interview for the perfect job. Even when everything seems right on paper, a hiring manager’s decision often comes down to something elusive called “fit.”

What is this “fit,” and how can it help you connect with your future employers on that intangible level?

Consider the Culture

It’s likely that your first interview will be conducted by phone and will concentrate on your skills. The main question the employer will be looking to answer is: Can you do the job? What you need to do is show you have the technical ability and experience to come in and do the work required.

The second interview is all about whether you fit in with the organization’s culture and the people you’ll be working with.

At this point you should consider how you’re presenting yourself. What are you wearing? How are you answering their questions? How are you walking, and what is your posture like? When it comes to answering these questions, an honest friend who can offer insightful feedback can be an invaluable asset. They can help you make sure you have the appearance of the right “fit” for the job.

Make Connections 

Imagine sitting down to an interview and learning the person you’re sitting across from was in the same fraternity or sorority as you, or grew up in Portland, where your brother now lives. Of course, this isn’t going to get you the job, but these small connections can do a lot to ease the tension and form rapport.

Most importantly, these personal connections will leave an impression that goes beyond just your professional qualifications. Given the right “fit” often comes down to a personal consideration, these connections can have a significant effect on the hiring decision. You don’t need to try to become best friends with the hiring manager, but showing off your interpersonal skills and proving your ability to make connections can go a long way.

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