Google Search Eases Veterans’ Job Hunt Process With New Enhancement

November 9th, 2022

Transitioning from the military to the civilian world comes with many challenges. One of the hurdles you may face is translating your military experience into civilian skills that get noticed by employers. If you’ve faced this challenge before or will be transitioning out of the military soon and a job search is on the horizon, there’s good news.

Google’s New Military Job Codes Search Feature

Google has developed a special enhancement focused on transitioning military members and their spouses. You can now enter the appropriate military occupation code (also called military occupation specialty code) and be able to quickly see civilian jobs that match that skill set and training.

Considering the thousands of MOS codes, this is a huge step in streamlining the job search for people transitioning out of the military branches, especially those who struggle with translating those skills for civilian recruiters.

How does it work? Simply open Google search on your computer’s browser. Then type in “jobs for veterans” and a special blue search box appears where you can enter different MOS codes to explore matching opportunities. This process also works on digital devices such as your cell phone so you can look for jobs anywhere, at any time.

Additional Steps for Transitioning Military Personnel

This Google search feature can be a tremendous help in assisting transitioning military members in finding suitable civilian jobs, but there are a few more steps to consider to put your career on the fast track.

When you create your resume, leave out military job codes and jargon that the average person wouldn’t understand. You want to paint a picture by translating military experience into notable skills that would help you thrive in the job you’re applying for.

You may have to think creatively, because there’s likely much more than appears on the surface. For example, leadership and teamwork are in-demand qualities that apply to virtually any job. Think about your military experience and how you gained these skills so you can communicate that experience on applications and during interviews.

To learn more about successfully transitioning from working in the military to the civilian world, read more from the expert career coaches from GetFive.

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