Older Workers Are Getting Hired in a Tough Job Market

September 18th, 2017

Embarking on a job hunt in today’s market is challenging, and if you are over 50, the odds seem to range from slim to none. 

But while this might be a widely held belief, it simply isn’t true.

GetFive Master Coach Bill Belknap is a seasoned expert in coaching older, top-tiered professionals and getting them back into the job market. “Older workers are a much more desired talent pool than you may think,” he affirms. “People hit their stride later in life and bring with them stellar experience and skill sets that make them eligible and attractive to managers. Those who are not getting hired have failed to stay on top of their game. It’s not because they are 50 or 60. I say to my clients, whether you are 22 or 62, you have to remain current: keep your skills sharp and acquire contemporary experience. If you’re from the pre-computer era, take a computer course.”

While ageism is not a myth, Belknap believes most people bring the negatives on themselves: “There are multiple factors you need to be paying attention to apart from skills and abilities; appearance, contemporary experience, and a positive attitude are on that list. Some people let themselves go, creating impediments to their own success: get in shape if you are not, and stay in shape so you are not only skilled, but also presentable. Grooming is important. No one will hire you if you walk into an interview with the wrong body language: smile, look youthful, and upbeat.”

These are the workers who are getting hired, young or old.

GetFive’s methodology makes a big difference with its structured approach. Targeting particular industries and companies, along with small group sessions and private coaching, has proven to many job seekers over 50 that they are still marketable.

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