From the CEO’s Desk: The Gift of a Fresh Start


At some point in your career you’ll probably be in a position of uncertainty. Maybe it’s because you’re bored and need a new challenge. Maybe it’s because you were laid off and are now forced to look at your career in a new light. Whether by choice or not, a fresh start can be a scary yet invigorating opportunity.

In fact, the gift of a fresh start can be just what your career needs to take off. If you can get outside your comfort zone, you can learn fresh skills, make new connections and advance your career in new ways. Here are five ways to embrace a fresh start and position yourself for success.

Try new things: Life experiences will broaden your perspective, both at work and at home. Try new things and see what you discover. Apply for that job in a new industry. Go to the networking event where you don’t know anybody. Travel across the globe, and maybe even move to a new location!

Don’t fear failure: Many of the most successful people in business today can tell tales of epic failures. It’s their willingness to embrace risk and be resilient when things didn’t go as planned that has helped them succeed. Never fear failing — always learn from mistakes and get up quickly to be ready for new challenges.

Sidestep: Sometimes the best thing you can do for your career is to make a lateral move. It’s not always about moving up; it can also be about putting yourself in a position to learn and advance. By sidestepping you can explore new industries or opportunities while continuing to make money.

Gain confidence: A fresh start can shake anyone’s confidence. That’s why it’s important to work with a career coach who can help you walk the walk and talk the talk. What’s more, they can help you realize which skills you have that can be utilized in your new adventure so you’re ready for success.

Create a mental brag bag: Another great exercise to help you gain confidence and advance is to have your personal pitch at the ready. Have a list of important career accomplishments and anecdotes prepared should you need to refer to them at a networking event or when a headhunter calls. (A career coach is great for helping with this, too!)

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