Quiz: How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

February 23rd, 2022

At GetFive, we like to say that the real work begins after the interviews, in the follow-up process. To stay sharp in this very important area, take a few moments to answer the questions in this fun quiz.

After each statement, write an A for appropriate or I for inappropriate next to each question. Once you’re done, jump to the bottom to review the answers and see how well you did.

  • You decide to leave five follow-up phone messages thanking the hiring manager and asking when he or she will make a decision.
  • Following the interview, you send out a letter to everyone you met along the way and mention that you look forward to any decision they make regarding your candidacy. You’ve done all you can, now you sit back and wait.
  • Following the interview, send the hiring manager a box of chocolates or flowers with a note saying “I look forward to hearing from you soon.”
  • You take the time to craft a strategic follow-up letter that will help advance you in the interviewing process.
  • If you don’t get the job offer, call or e-mail the hiring manager and strategically outline for them why they made a big mistake.
  • If you do not get the job offer, contact the hiring manager and ask why you did not get the position. Regardless of their answer you reply: “How can you say that?”
  • You send out your follow-up letters to the hiring manager but do not hear back from him or her, so you show up at their office and wait to meet them as they exit the building.

Now let’s look at what the appropriate follow-up to each of the above questions should be. They are in sequential order.

  • Inappropriate. Leave one phone message (or e-mail) depending on the situation. Then, try calling the person at a different time or day until you actually get them on the phone. You’ll only annoy them if you leave numerous messages.
  • Inappropriate. Sit back and wait? No way! You can’t control when you hear back from people, but you can keep yourself visible by following up, sharing more information about yourself, and overcoming any objections.
  • Inappropriate. Chocolates or flowers are for special family occasions, not for the people who interviewed you. The real goal of the interview is to turn it into a second or third interview, not a date!
  • Inappropriate. If you do this, you will not only lose the job opportunity, but you can also kiss any chances of turning that manager into a valuable networking contact goodbye. Instead, thank the manager for the opportunity, and say you would still like to stay in touch with them.
  • Inappropriate. Stay professional! Acting out of emotions could ruin future opportunities.
  • Inappropriate. Stalking someone doesn’t land you a job, it lands you in jail!
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