The Final Most Important Developments in HR for 2017

Ruling that Uber is a taxi service, not a tech platform, is a significant event

The EU’s highest court on Wednesday declared that Uber was a transportation business, not just a technology platform, another blow to a company already grappling with scandals and regulatory setback. New York Times

Employment Law This Week – December 2017: Special Year-End Wrap-Up [VIDEO]

Brief year in review covers new state and local paid-leave laws; the ramping up of equal pay legislation; workplace sexual harassment in the news; the trend toward increased cybersecurity evaluation and significant changes to wage and hourly regulations. National Law Review

People Analytics: Here With A Vengeance

Bersin reviews new Deloitte research showing how people analytics is finally being applied effectively toward measuring diversity, gender pay equity, skills gaps, labor utilization, retention rates, real-time feedback and organizational network analysis. Some 69 percent of companies worldwide are integrating data to build people analytics databases. 

NLRB Overrules Browning-Ferris Industries and Reinstates Prior Joint-Employer Standard

On Dec. 14, the NLRB overruled a highly controversial Obama-era decision that made it easier for unions and workers to hold companies accountable for the actions of other companies’ contractors and franchisees. The renewed definition of a joint employer is one that has directly and immediately controlled another entity’s key employment terms regarding its employees. NLRB

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Many industries whose top brass have been implicated in sexual harassment scandals have a culture that bestows power on star performers beyond company execs. Such “kingmaking” may breed that behavior. Washington Post

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