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4 Simple Steps to Effective Thank-You Notes

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Despite major changes in how people search for and get jobs, one simple step continues to be important: sending thank-you notes after an interview.

Why? A powerful thank-you note can help you move to the next phase in the hiring process. A poorly written one — or sending none at all — can damage your chances of landing the job. That shouldn’t be a risk you’re willing to take.

Follow these steps to construct the perfect thank-you that is sure to help you stand out in a positive way.

Step 1: Gather Detailed Information

Generic thank-you notes are like white noise. To truly stand out, you need to make it personal and reflective of the interview. The best way to gather nuggets of information to create compelling copy is to take notes during the interview. Not only will you look engaged, you’ll be writing down key information that will help you write a killer thank-you. Prove you’re willing to give the job 100 percent by giving full effort to your note. Generic just won’t cut it.

Step 2: Keep It Positive

Copy should be thoughtful, concise and positive. Talk about what really impressed you at the interview. Note your appreciation for their time and telling you a specific story or information. Stress your passion and interest in getting to know more. If the interviewer shared any personal anecdotes, touch on them if it makes sense. It shows you were listening and makes the conversation more intimate rather than just dry business.

Step 3: Send It Within 24 Hours

Better late than never? Not so much with thank-you notes. To make a positive impression, you must be prompt. You want your interview to be fresh in their minds when they receive your note. Sending an email or written note quickly shows you care about being prompt and that you’re making this job opportunity a priority. Stick to the 24-hour rule whenever possible.

Step 4: Make It Individual

Group communication might make sense when planning a friends’ dinner or getting parents together for a play date, but when it comes to thank-yous after a job interview, individual communication is best. Write a unique thank-you for each person you interviewed as it will help make a positive impression with each person you spoke with. A group thank-you email is tacky, and looks lazy. Take the extra time to write each person if you’re serious about the position.

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