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Everyone wants to be recognized for their contributions and earn a promotion. Promotions, however, aren’t given these days simply due to seniority. Tenure at a company is only one factor, and there are many other ways you can position yourself for success. Consider these eight expert tips for getting a promotion.

  1. Analyze the path
    To get a promotion, you may have to veer off your current path. That means taking a good look at your current position and what opportunities it provides for advancing. In today’s business landscape, it’s sometimes necessary to make a lateral career move in order to better position yourself for an upward one.
  2.  Curate mentor relationships
    A mentor is not only a teacher, but an advocate. This is someone who will help you develop professionally while spreading the word about your abilities. Remember, it’s good to have more than one mentor. Perhaps you’ll connect with someone at a professional networking event and also find a mentor at work.
  3. Mentor others and lead with enthusiasm
    Your willingness to help others shows leadership potential. That means stepping up and being the point person for the new project or mentoring new employees who are still finding their feet.
  4. Seek challenges
    You’ll never learn to fly if you never spread your wings, so it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and ask for new responsibilities. Demonstrate your willingness to learn and work hard by volunteering for that new client presentation. Make it known to your boss you’re craving new challenges.
  5. Track and quantify results
    Numbers speak volumes. Keep a record of anything you have completed that saves time and/or enhances the company’s bottom line. Track creative and innovative ideas that were adopted and note times when you demonstrated unwavering commitment to the organization.
  6. Establish bonds with leaders
    Not only should you have a good relationship with your boss, but you should also seek to connect with other key leaders at the company. These might be people you run into only on the elevator, but they still could have a huge impact on your career trajectory. So, on the way to the 10th floor, strike up a relevant conversation instead of remaining quiet, or ask to be included in a meeting where these influential people are present.
  7. Act and dress professional at all times
    Your demeanor and dress should always be professional. Act confident and be a team player. Dress neatly, even on casual office days. Your presentation should be a total package that conveys leadership, hard work and professionalism.
  8. Always be learning
    Successful professionals are always learning. You must adopt the same mindset and take steps to gain new skills. The more relevant skills you have, the more valuable you’ll be to organizations. Additionally, stay current with industry news and events and pay attention to trends that may influence your job in the future.

Need help? One of the most effective ways to position yourself for a promotion is to work with a certified career coach with years of experience. From working through these steps to figuring out a solid Forty-Year Vision with achievable goals, you’ll create a clear path to the future you desire.

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