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Why it is OK to Contact the Hiring Manager Directly

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There’s a common misconception among job seekers that while waiting to hear back on a job, they’re supposed to patiently wait to hear from Human Resources on the status of their application or interview. It’s startling how quickly job hunters conclude they’re not allowed to contact the hiring manager or take other actions that might have a positive effect on their job search.

In many situations, it’s okay to contact the hiring manager directly. In most organizations, this is the person who has the final say as to who gets hired, so why not go to the source where you can likewise have the most influence over that decision?

However, approaching the hiring manager directly is not meant to bypass Human Resources. What matters is how you approach these individuals. Most Human Resources professionals will respect your need to have a direct dialogue with the hiring department as long as you keep them in the loop.

The Consultant Method

At GetFive we talk about the role of the “consultant” when preparing for, conducting, and following up with interviews. This approach is all about shaping the outcome of these events through connecting and keeping in contact with key players in the hiring process.

Too much reliance on Human Resources reduces your chances of having a significant impact on the hiring decision.

For example, what if there are some objections the hiring manager has with your background, or he or she thinks you lack the skills, competencies, or experience in certain areas, but only because these concerns never came up in the interview? If you don’t contact them directly, you might not have a chance to turn this around and gain the visibility you need.

The takeaway here is to branch out. Don’t be afraid to network and get yourself out there. After all, one of those conversations might lead to the job offer you’ve been waiting for.

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