Step 5: Reinforce

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The Best Ways to Negotiate Flexibility Into Your Job Offer

After rounds of interviews, you receive the call you’ve been anticipating. Though the job offer is music to your ears and the salary is spot on, you’re left longing for something more: flexible benefits. To many professionals, flexibility is just as valuable today as financial compensation. More people are prioritizing a work-life balance, and it’s…

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Pest or Pro: A Quiz to Help You Master the Art of the Post-Interview Follow-Up

Who doesn’t like hearing “thanks?” Virtually, everyone – including hiring managers – appreciate expressions of gratitude. In one survey, 91 percent of hiring managers polled said they liked it when job candidates sent some message of gratitude after an interview. But everyone knows there’s a fine line between looking like a true professional and coming…

Man Using Laptop And Talking On Phone In Kitchen At Home
Perfect Your Interview Follow-up to Build Relationships and Influence Hiring Managers

Job-seekers employ a range of tactics that they believe will get them jobs. They work with search firms, build their social media connections, network and contact companies directly. These strategies often lead to interviews, but they don’t necessarily move the needle when it is time for a company to decide whether you’re the right person…