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5 Steps for Answering Difficult Interview Questions With Ease

You're interviewing for a job you're really excited about. You've researched the company's history and products, and prepared answers to all the typical interview questions. After you sit down with the hiring manager, you're hit with an unexpected question that stops you dead in your tracks. What do you do next? Preparing for an interview is...

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Tips for Successfully Interviewing Across Cultures

Your wanderlust has inspired you to apply for jobs around the world and you've got a few interviews scheduled in some really exciting locations. You know that to ace an interview you need to prepare; however, this becomes difficult when you aren't familiar with the culture. Cultural differences can play a role in interview expectations. From...

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6 Tips to Stand Out When Applying for a Nonprofit Job

Thinking of setting your sights on the nonprofit sector? Working for a charity can be a very gratifying and wonderful way to maximize your professional talent. In general, nonprofit organizations look for many of the same skills for-profit businesses do, but that doesn't mean your resume, cover letter and into Standout interview answers should be exactly the...

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How to Handle Being Told "You’re Overqualified" in Interviews

By Ruth K. Robbins, GetFive Certified Coach Imagine this scenario: You’re interviewing for a job you really want and everything is going well until you hear the words, “You’re overqualified.” What exactly does that word “overqualified” mean? Oftentimes it’s a nice way to get rid of you. “Overqualified” is something of a code word used in...

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Handling Difficult Interview Questions Part II: What to Do With Crummy Interviewers

In our first blog on how to get through difficult job interviews, we talked about the need to take control of your performance. As promised, this time we’ll discuss how to manage the interviewer. Interviewers are people, too, and that means some will come into your meeting disorganized or unprepared, others will have preconceived notions,...

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How to Nail a Phone Interview

Having a great resume is no guarantee that you'll be hired these days. Today, more and more companies are conducting telephone interviews first as a way to weed out candidates. It can be unnerving to be interviewed over the phone and even more so if you were to receive a surprise call from a prospective...

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