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Thinking of Starting a Business? Start With The Seven Stories Exercise®

Roughly 15 percent of the people who come to GetFive seeking career guidance and coaching end up starting their own businesses or become consultants. This is due to the fact they have taken the time to review their career path and future goals via GetFive’s Seven Stories Exercise® and have completed the Forty-Year Vision®,  all apart…

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From Career Setback to Opportunity: How to Make The Most Of Being Let Go

P. Smith had an experience similar to many others in 2009: She was laid off at the height of the recession. Determined not to let her situation define her, she quickly started her job search. “I immediately engaged a career counselor at my local employment center,” says Smith. “I also visited several centers, re-engaged associates through…

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How Spot Opportunities Can Advance Your Career

Spot opportunities can be the secret weapon in your job search. A spot opportunity indicates change is occurring in your company or industry, and your proactive efforts can put your career on the fast track to greatness. Here are several examples of spot opportunities: News that a company will go public. Part of the large…

7 Simple Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn profile simply because you’re “supposed” to have one? If so, you could be missing out on your next big career opportunity. A minimal profile with lackluster information is only slightly better than having no profile at all. Instead, you can give yourself an edge by fully filling out information and…

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