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What to Look for in An Offer Letter

After applying GetFive’s proven method and strategic approach to decision making and job searching you’ve finally received thing you’ve been working towards – an offer letter from a great company. But before you rush into the job, it’s critical that you carefully review what they’ve given you. While it’s not an official employment contract, an…

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4 Important Ways to Succeed in Your New Job

You wrote a captivating cover letter, aced the interview and got the job. Congratulations! But now is when the real nerves start to kick in. With an abundance of new faces to learn, information to absorb and challenges to tackle, starting a new job can be one of life’s most stressful events. While you may have a short grace period for getting up to speed, it’s important to show your commitment to succeeding in your position.

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A Recipe for Career Success, a Member Success Story

Modern airport terminals present daunting construction and development challenges, involving large land areas, layers of complex partnerships, and enormous budgets. GetFive member Kevin Hauppa, who was originally hired as a project manager for a $30 million project at a major international airport, now, as a senior project manager, oversees the day-to-day implementation of a project…

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Finding What Makes You Happy, A Client Success Story

Tony started going to GetFive after the bulk of his job at a large at an international bank moved overseas.With his coach, Celia Currin, Tony focused on identifying the elements that would give him the greatest career satisfaction. “Celia helped me recognize what it is in a job that would make me happy,” Tony says. “That…

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Single Opportunity

Jenna Galgano worked in the entertainment and event marketing industry. When her company had a shift in personnel, she lost her job. “Hey, it happens,” she said. “There’s nothing you can do about it but pick up and keep moving.” She maintained a positive outlook and it made a huge difference. She worked hard alongside her…

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