Job Search After 50

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How Older Workers Can Land ‘Junior’ Jobs

It’s not uncommon for older job seekers to get discouraged by the phrase “junior.” The word itself conjures up associations with youth, and many people mistakenly believe that companies searching for a “junior legal secretary” or “junior manager” are looking for young people to fill these roles. Is this a form of age discrimination? Not…

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Job Seeking Over 50

Losing your job after age 50 is about as unsettling as it gets. You should be on the home stretch toward retirement, and instead you’re wondering if you’ll have to dip into your 401(k) just to make ends meet. Competing with millennials can seem a daunting prospect. Age discrimination is real out there, both in…

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Unretiring: Tips for Returning to the Workforce

According to a 2017 Rand Corp. study, 39 percent of Americans 65 and older who are currently employed had previously retired. It’s not necessarily because they need money; they missed the challenges, feeling of accomplishment, and camaraderie that come from the workplace environment. If you’re retired but miss working, clearly you’re not alone. Reentering the workforce…