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Technical Interview Tips and Developer Testing Advice

Software developers are in high demand, but to get a job, they first must master the technical interview. Often packed with confusing questions and excruciating tests, it can feel like a lot just to get a job offer. However, if you make it through and impress your future employers, you’ll not only get the offer, but you’ll have a lot of negotiating power because their desire to hire you will be through the roof…

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Technology Allows HR Departments to Do More, Spend Less

When you review the past decade, no factor has influenced human resources more than technology. What’s more, the rate of technological change appears to be accelerating with each passing year. If you’re looking to do more with less, it’s time to consider HR technology opportunities. World-class HR organizations spend 25 percent less than average HR…

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Career in Transition? How Good Are Your Technology Skills?

The majority of baby boomers did not start their professional careers in the digital world. Times have changed, and now we are surrounded by social networks, smartphones and Google. Individuals and companies that have not embraced technology will find it very difficult to compete in today’s global and wired world. Those who are in between…