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New Year, New Dreams, New Opportunities

Did you know the period immediately following New Year’s Day is typically the busiest hiring time of the calendar year?

That’s because many companies are scrambling to fill jobs budgeted from the previous year, and because as new budgets take effect, companies are gearing up to hire.

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HR in 2018: These 5 Factors Will Change the Way You Work

There is a lot to look forward to for human resources in 2018. In an agile industry that seems to change faster with each passing year, 2018 brings many new opportunities to refine your skills and strengthen your results. Here are five factors that we are most excited about: 1. Ongoing Performance Management Annual performance…

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From the CEO’s Desk: Is This the End of the Remote Worker? Thoughts on the Future of Telecommuting

  IBM recently made a sweeping change that has everyone talking, from HR pros to job hunters alike: U.S.-based remote employees are getting called back to the office. For decades the company has pioneered remote working strategies and has been a model for other organizations to follow when implementing their own telecommuting policies. What’s more, IBM makes software that supposedly supports…

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No-Ask Salary Laws Gain Traction. Is Nationwide Law Next?

  First Massachusetts, then New York City. Is a nationwide law next? Last year, the governor of Massachusetts signed a law that made it illegal for employers to inquire about applicants’ salaries prior to making a job offer. This was the first state to pass such legislation, with pay equality the main motivation for the legislation. Recently, New…

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Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention

HR and company leaders today have a massive challenge: Make employees feel engaged in their job so that, even as other job prospects increase, their commitment to the organization remains steady and strong. This is essential regardless of the economic climate or job market landscape. So what are the most effective ways to influence employee engagement…

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Hire Smarter: How Mobile is Improving Recruiting

By Yarden Tadmor In today’s technological world, there’s a shift from desktop to mobile. The app market is exploding, and people are using their pocket-sized devices for everything from dating to banking to wedding dress shopping. It’s no wonder, then, that the world of recruiting should follow suit. Many businesses, including most small- to medium-sized…

5 Assessments Best Practices Every HR Manager Should Know

HR mangers commonEOB flyer Image2ly turn to assessments to ensure they’re hiring and promoting the best people. However, many factors influence the value a company can derive from assessments, including how well the assessment tool matches the role you’re testing for, the quality of the responses from the employee, and what you do with the data the test generates. Only when all factors are optimized can a company reap the full benefits of assessments.

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How to Bring Inbound Marketing into your Hiring Process

For businesses, inbound marketing is typically associated with sales prospecting. Unlike traditional methods of marketing where a company pays for an ad or conducts cold calls, inbound marketing uses a softer approach with methods that pull the customer in. While the strategies of inbound marketing have changed over the years, the idea of it has…