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A Cautionary Tale About Bad Glassdoor Ratings

How bad is a bad Glassdoor review for your company? It can be reputation-crushing. Consider this real-life example, names redacted. A company handed down a round of layoffs in the worst possible way. No severance. No offboarding assistance. No dignity. It was pretty much a bloodbath. Several of the summarily-kicked-to-the-curb employees, understandably angry at their…

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Just got laid off? Do these 5 things before you leave

Mass layoffs are back in the news. January was particularly brutal for journalists. Buzzfeed announced it was reducing its workforce by 15%. Verizon cut about 7% of media division staff. And Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, slashed dozens of jobs across the country. Hearing the news that you’ve just been laid off can be a devastating blow. If you end…

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Ways to Keep Morale Up During Layoffs

If your company is going through a round of layoffs, or if you’ve lived through one, you know that a company’s troubles don’t end when the exiting employees leave the premises. Layoffs can change the entire culture in the workplace, and not for the better. Survivors can be anxious that they’re next, feel increased levels…