Career Change

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New Year, New Dreams, New Opportunities

Did you know the period immediately following New Year’s Day is typically the busiest hiring time of the calendar year?

That’s because many companies are scrambling to fill jobs budgeted from the previous year, and because as new budgets take effect, companies are gearing up to hire.

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Uncovering the Truth About Company Culture Before Taking a Job

Imagine accepting a new job and thinking the culture was a perfect match for your personality. You’re excited not only about salary, but you’ll be in an environment that you enjoy. Then soon after you start, you uncover the truth that it’s not nearly as ideal as you thought it was. You’re completely disappointed. Unfortunately,…

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Are Gender Stereotypes Holding You Back from Exploring a Nontraditional Career?

A dozen years ago, talking about “nontraditional” careers was really code for encouraging women toward industries that were historically dominated by men. Today, both men and women can pursue nontraditional careers, making inroads into professions where the majority of the workforce is composed of members of the opposite sex. Think oil-rig workers for women and…