Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

July 19th, 2022

When job searching, it’s tempting to go it alone. However, it also can be a lonely journey with numerous roadblocks. You apply at many positions and you may interview at a few. If you don’t get a second interview or even an offer, you’re typically left with questions on top of frustration.

And this frustration builds over time.

In addition to a career coach, a good recruiter can make a big difference in your job search success. It’s important to find one you trust and who makes your needs a priority. When you do, it’s a partnership that can have fruitful results.

Here are the top reasons to consider working with a recruiter:

Relationships: Recruiters have relationships with clients, and when you work with them you instantly expand your network potential. Your name may now get in front of people you would never have had a chance of reaching before.

Trust: A good recruiter will work with clients year after year, building trust. That means if they recommend you for a job, it’s almost like getting an inside referral. This can help you get interviews you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Job Details: Recruiters may have much more information than what is on the job description. You get to learn more about the position to ensure it’s a good fit before wasting time applying.

Cultural Insight: When recruiters work with companies long-term, they get keen insights on useful company information, including the culture. This can be useful so you find the right fit for high job satisfaction.

Interview Edge: Recruiters build relationships with hiring managers and get to know their unique needs and preferences. They can then help you better prepare to knock it out of the park on an interview.

Timing: Hiring timelines are typically vague and job seekers feel kept in the dark. Recruiters will have better insight into these timelines and keep you abreast to progress and when/if you need to take any action.

Truth: A recruiter’s job is to present the best candidates to the hiring manager. If you don’t fit the bill, they’ll tell you the truth so you don’t apply for something above or below your skill level. They’ll also provide constructive criticism so you can put your best foot forward for the right opportunities.

Exclusivity: Some companies only work with recruiters. That means the jobs they are trying to fill won’t be found on your typical job boards. You’ll potentially get access to opportunities the competition won’t.

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