In the beginning, looking for a new job can be an exciting adventure full of hope and possibilities. But along the road, you might experience setbacks. It’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared before you jump in and take on the daunting job hunt.

Here’s a quick assessment to help you make sure you’re ready. Ask yourself these questions to see if you’re on the right track.

How many hours per week do you spend on your search?

GetFive suggests you treat your search as though it’s a full time job. Develop maximum momentum by spending at least 35 hours a week. If you’re currently employed, spend at least 15 hours a week for a solid, part-time search.

Do you have job targets?

A job target includes:

  • Industry or organization size
  • The position you want in that industry
  • Your targeted geographic area

But you can’t just say your target is “the healthcare industry.” It needs to be well-defined. For example, instead you could consider hospitals in a certain metropolitan area. If you’re a marketing person, a good target would be marketing positions in a hospital in the metropolitan area. Dividing your search into targets gives you a better sense of control. It also helps you tell what’s working and what isn’t.

What are your backup targets?

Decide on a few at the beginning of your search. Later, if you start to feel hopeless, you’ll be equipped with a few other options.

How does your resume position you?

No matter what it looks like, employers only look at a resume for an average of ten seconds. When someone looks at your resume, will they be able to pick up on the most important information in such a short time? The summary at the top should tell the reader exactly how they should see you, such as an “Account Manager” or an “Experienced Accountant.” Take the next line to differentiate yourself from the competition. Follow this with three or four bulleted accomplishments — the things they should know about you first.





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