Momentum has saved the day in more than one football game. A player running hell-bent for the goal line trips, stumbles … and the sheer force of his charge carries him over the line for a touchdown.

Maintaining momentum is key in a job search, too, but circumstances can make you stumble and slow-going can make you feel downright stalled.

When it feels like the goal line is just too far away, or when the ball has become too heavy to carry, these four tactics can help you regain momentum and keep going — until you score the job you want:

  1. Put things into perspective.

A job loss can undermine your confidence, no matter that you’ve worked successfully for five years, 10, 15 or even 20. But, paraphrasing Winston Churchill, this is not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. It’s a rough spot somewhere in the middle of your decades-long career journey. Rather than focusing on your present situation, which will depress you and make you perform poorly in interviews, think ahead to the big picture. You’ve worked this long, and you’ll work again.

  1. Seek support to sustain you.

When you were employed, you were part of a team. You learned how to work with others’ strengths to complement and build your own skills. In addition to a revenue stream, a job provided you with a sense of belonging and support. Humans need interactions to thrive, and a job-hunting support group can give you the sense of belonging you need to keep going. Career coaching, like the type provided by GetFive, is also critical, as it provides both support and concrete advice for moving your job search forward.

  1. Look at the bigger picture.

We won’t sugar-coat it: losing your job stinks, regardless of the reason. It creates emotional and financial upheaval, and affects virtually every aspect of your life. That said, good can — and usually does — come from the experience. Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself what you can learn from your job search. Is your career really making you happy? Are you doing the right work to find the greatest fulfillment? How can you leverage your job search to help you develop your personal and professional lives? Use your job search as an opportunity to re-examine what’s really important to you.

  1. Keep on working.

When you were employed, you probably had days when you just didn’t feel like going to work, no matter how much you loved your job. During your weeks of hunting for a job, you’ll also have days where you just don’t feel like doing the work that’s most important for you right now — conducting a job search. But just like you kept doing your old job because it was your responsibility to do so, it’s your responsibility to manage your career. Do your best every day, no matter how you feel; it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s essential for maintaining your momentum.

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