The 5-Step Method is the Job Search Method You Can Trust

Our proven, research-based method guides the job seeker back to career success and restores confidence in record time.


Meet your hand-selected coach and partner together to…

Get organized and set yourself up for success

Consider where you want to be in 5, 10, 15+ years from now

Assess your skills, experience, and interests

Set career goals, and develop your personal marketing campaign

Strategize and conduct preliminary research on industries and companies

Identify 200 potential positions across three or more industries


Work with your coach to create messages that effectively position you for your specific job targets, and gain tips and tools to…..

Communicate your value to a hiring manager in writing within 10-15 seconds

Communicate your value in any networking meeting or interview

Leverage the power of the world’s most influential networking site, and become searchable to potential hiring managers


Leverage four different techniques for getting meetings, plus learn some insider secrets from your coach to…

Develop your network, and contact new people

Create a cover letter that actually gets read

Devote more time to the strategies that get results

Get meetings with the right people at the right level that either have decision making authority on hiring or can make referrals


Get in the driver’s seat by interviewing like a consultant, while your coach helps you…

Hone your two-minute pitch specifically for each interview

Master advanced interview techniques and handle difficult questions

Approach an interview with the goal of getting invited back


Your coach will help you turn interviews into offers using strategic follow-up techniques so you can…

Influence the interviewer and keep the process moving forward

Keep 6-10 real job possibilities in play

Aim for three concurrent offers

Utilize the Four-Step Salary Negotiation Method

Invest in the Success of Your Outbound Employees and Watch Your Employer Brand Thrive

The method works. You’ll like it, they’ll love it and we’ll prove it.